Rockabye Bella the Elephant Rocker (Review)

Bella arrived at our house a few days before our daughter’s first birthday.

UPS dropped off a big box that would start making music almost every time it was bumped into. Our three year old son was as curious as I was.

What was the mysterious object singing an ABC or 123 song periodically?

We resisted the urge to tear open the box until the senders of the gift (my brother and his family) could Facetime us to watch it be opened by the birthday girl.

Living a few states away, they were not able to be at the upcoming birthday party.

We were all amazed to see a pretty, soft pink rocker in the shape of an elephant emerge from the box.

Bella the Pink Elephant Rocker was here to stay.

Our daughter squealed with delight over the fun toy and our son was excited as well. He had as much fun as she did riding on the newest member of the family.

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Bella the Teacher

Bella is not just a rocker. She is a teacher too!

She is a master at teaching because she knows that not all children learn in the same way.

Bella the following approaches to teach children academic concepts such as shapes, colors, letters and numbers.

Visual-There is a blue circle, a green square, a red triangle and a yellow star on the top of Bella’s head. Children can at this age are just being exposed to the concepts of colors and shapes.

The icons on this rocker help children get a start on recognizing them by placing the colors and shapes right where children can see them when they are rocking.

Auditory– Each shape is actually a button that children can push. When children pushes a shape, one of four educational songs play.

Evidently, one of these buttons was getting bumped and activated while Bella was still in the box. That solved the mystery about why there was music and singing coming from inside the box.

Visit the rockAbye website to listen to samples of songs included with Bella. Bella’s nose squeaks when it is squeezed and her ears make a crackling sound when they are played with.

Sensory-The different fabrics Bella is made with provide different textures for children to touch and feel.

Her crinkly ears also present opportunity for children to receive lots of sensory input to satisfy their need for tactile learning.

Movement-All children need vestibular stimulation and Bella provides the perfect way for children to obtain it. The rocking motion is a good way to coordinate movement and balance.

Motor-Bella helps children strengthen their core muscles as they mount her to ride. Our daughter wasn’t able to climb on the rocker independently at first.

The physical therapist (that works with her due to some developmental delays) used Bella quite a bit to help our little girl strengthen her muscles. She also used Bella to teach our daughter how to climb up on an object and get down on her own.

Classic Rockers Dragon-Rocker-baby-toddler-toys

Bella is one of many classic rockers in the rockAbye family.There are also Bella’s grey elephant relatives, Stomp and Rosie.

If your child likes horses, you might be interested in Angel the Unicorn, Carousel Horse, Colt Pony or Princess the Pony.

Have a dinosaur lover at your house? Fossil or T-Rex would fit right in.

Poof the Lil’ Dragon would be perfect for any dragon lover.

If we didn’t have Bella, we would probably choose Purrty Kitty for our feline loving little girl.

There are also several farm animals and zoo animals to choose from, too.

Chair Rockers Flutter-Butterfly-Rocker-baby-toddler-toys

Chair rockers are similar to classic rockers except they have a seat supported by a hardwood sturdy board.

The board is built into the back of the chair and secured to the base of the rocker to add extra strength and support to the little rider’s seat.

Flutter the Butterfly is one of the finely crafted chair rockers.

Other animals to choose from in the chair rocker collection include birds, owls, a ladybug, a bear, a beaver, a frog, a bee and a sea turtle.

Premium Vehicles


Our son is a fan of trucks and tractors more than animals.

If we were to purchase a rocker for him, we would probably buy the Lil’ Farm Tractor.

This rocker is part of the premium vehicles family. Most of the vehicles have chair backs like the chair rockers.

Some vehicles you can choose from are a police car, a motorcycle, an airplane, a train, a princess carriage, a fire engine, a sailboat and a pirate ship.

Misplaced Shapes and Handles

A couple of the shapes on our rocker, are not totally lined up with the button that activates the song. As a result, we have had difficulty getting a couple of the songs to play.

When we occasionally do succeed in activating the song, it often doesn’t play the entire tune.

Sometimes, the songs start playing just when the rocker is bumped and the buttons haven’t been pushed. Our kids get frustrated when they push on the shapes and no song plays.

The only other issue we have encountered with this product involves the handle.

When we received Bella, the left side of the wooden cylinder handle stuck out farther than the right side making it difficult for our children to hold on with their right hand.

According to the rockAbye website, this is not a defect. They say the reason this happens is because the plush part of the rocker had a rough trip from their factory to your house and has shifted down.

According to them the way to fix this is to forcefully grab the head (or front part if there is no head) and pull it from the shorter side to the longer side.

Pull it over beyond where you want it so the handle on the long side is almost gone inside. It will then shift back after a few seconds so the handles are equal lengths.

We have tried this and it works so now our kids can hold on to both handles equally well.

Product Information

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 17 inches

Weight: 13 pounds

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 9 months and up.

Weight limit: 80 pounds

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Rocking and Learning

When Bella first arrived, our daughter wasn’t quite able to mount the rocker independently. We had to help her stay on Bella once we put her on the rocker.

Our daughter is now a few months older than she was when she first received Bella the Elephant Rocker. She can easily get on and off Bella independently and loves to rock while listening to the ABC and 123 songs that play when she pushes the colorful shaped buttons.

We are so glad that Bella is part of our family and am sure she (or any one of the other rockAbye rockers) would be a welcome addition to your family as well.

I would love to hear about your child’s experience with one of these fun rockers. Leave a comment below and let me know how your child likes to rock and learn.

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